Who, What, Why?

 Birds are works of art, beautiful, mysterious and fascinating.

But their survival and prosperity relies on their extraordinary powers of communication.

The Success of your business also relies on Effective Communication.


Which do you need? The artist makes visual statements that reflect his unique view. He wants to resolve his own problems. But Graphic Design is not art for art's sake. It is design that is intended to communicate. 


To "Design" literally means to plan. Plans are based on research, knowledge and purpose. Good plans are usually the result of the right people working together with good communication.

So in the simplest terms, the artist works alone to solve his own problems while the designer works with a client and a team to solve someone else's problems.


While "design" alone speaks of specialized technical competence, "Communication Design" suggests a broader impact on your business strategy. Design is the vehicle which gives tangible form to communication.

An effective design consultant must understand and respect you, your challenges and the world in which you must operate. We must ask the right questions, listen closely and get to know your business, inside-out. Good Design participates in building your success.


Our "Group" contains all the elements required to meet your needs. We build our team to fit your project. We may work under different roofs but we share a common goal; your success.

We may wear different hats but we share a common bond; a commitment to excellence.

Because many of our group are independent professionals or specialized producers you benefit from the efficiency and the economy of a very flexible team.

We hope you'll enjoy working with our group.


We have a lot to offer.  You have a lot to gain.